Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I have just looked at my blog stats and I have had 21,624 hits since I first moved it from my previous blog host.   That makes me smile to think that out in the world are thousands and thousand of people checking in to see what I am up to.  Perhaps there are all manner of trinkets and bits of junk cluttering up houses right across the globe....inspired by my junk.....   Good to see fellow crafters enjoying my bits of nonsense and fun.  Don't worry fellow crafters,I have loads more bits of fluff in the back of my brain.  I just need the time to create them.  How on earth poor Tony puts up with my craftaholic nature is completely beyond me. I currently have another boat and a mock basketry basket made from newspapers drying on my kitchen worktop.  I have knitting yarn, needles and crochet hooks in the conservatory.... and all the snips and scraps of yarn from my latest project so you need to pop back sometime soon to see what I do with that.. Remember my motto.  'There is no such thing as rubbish'. I am aiming to prove it too.   One day I plan to move to a tiny little cottage with a huge back garden.  I will use every bit of rubbish that I create and if I can't use it up then I won't buy it in the first place.... one day.  But in the meantime I shall continue using as much as possible of the rubbish that Tony and I create here in Kemp castle.


  1. Maybe you can make the cottage from your scraps lol ;-)

    1. And carve the window frames from old pallets :-)

  2. Don't even go there.......I have been caught on numerous occasions dragging stuff back to my lair that nobody else can see a use for