Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Archimedes Spiral Drill ( and a fractured rib)

Tony had an appointment at the hospital yesterday and discovered that he does in fact have a broken rib.  He was told at both previous hospital visits  that he hadn't any sign of a fractured rib. The rib fracture was clearly written in his notes and so we have no idea why he wasn't told this.  No wonder he has been in agony with chest pains. He now has two weeks off work so I need to make myself a nurses uniform   :-)  maybe not..... On a crafting note I have ordered an Archimedes spiral drill from ebay and am waiting for it to arrive.  I want to see if it will be strong enough to drill through shells.  If it is strong enough I will buy a few more to use when I deliver crafting sessions.  I am sure we all have a tin full of pretty seashells that we picked up on the beach..... go on tell me that you do.  If the drill is strong enough it would be nice to run some little workshops to use up those shells.  My dremel isn't PAT tested and neither is my big drill.  I am a little wary of using a an 'egg beater' type of drill in case someone nips their fingers..... can't be too careful in these days of 'blame and sue'. The Archimedes spiral drill will be very useful if it proves strong enough.  Hopefully it will arrive today and I will try it out on some of my shell collection. 


  1. My goodness, how terrible that Tony wasn't told about the fractured ribs particularly as it was clearly stated. I had a similar thing when I was involved in a car crash a number of years ago. I was taken to hospital as I had slight injuries, I was pouring with blood from my nose and so I had an x ray, was told my nose wasn't broken but I did have double whiplash as I'd been hit from the front and the back of my card and had double impact. However, I went to my Gap for painkillers and there in black and white it said 'undisplaced fractures of the nasal bone' duh???!!! I had so much pain in my face that I was certain it was more than just bruising, after all my nose had made contact with the steering wheel on impact. So no wonder poor Tony is in so much agony, hospitals are so uncaring these days. Hugs to you both. Lainie xx

  2. Ouch that doesn't sound like fun. Hope you recovered properly. No wonder so much NHS money is wasted. If they had epxlained that he had a broken rib and would experience a lot of pain we wuldn't have needed a second visit and barrage of tests when he suffered chest pains. I dread to think how much it cost for all the tests

    1. Yet when someone urgently needs treatment that's costly they can't always have it, so if they stopped wasting money there'd be enough to go round surely. Thank you I did make a full recovery with only a slight kink I my nose thank goodness. Xx