Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Another night in A and E (and some more beadwork)

Well I am walking around like a zombie this morning.  Yesterday started off okay when I got up at 05.45. For some reason I always wake up earlier than I need to if I am working.  I came home and did a bit of beading.  Cooked tea later on and then it started.  Tony was in agony with chest pains which I can only describe as coming in spasms.  I was pretty sure that it wasn't a heart attack so suggested he ring 111 and explain to them how he felt.  They sent an ambulance for him so we spent 6 hours in A and E and got home just before three this morning.  He was xray'd and scanned again in case they had missed something  and discovered that he now has a lung infection.  They say it is common place after a chest injury and antibiotics will clear it up. The pains he was experiencing are thought to be muscles contracting..... again a common occurrence after a chest injury......... I am wondering what today has in store.............

I wish I had used a deeper pink for The German Shepherds tongue... I will if I make another


  1. Poor man, he must have been in a lot of pain, a lung infection is bad enough on its own but with his other injuries must have been unbearable. I hope he soon makes a full recovery and you don't have any more endless waits in A&E. Love your beaded work. Hugs Lainie xx

  2. Men....they always try to scare you to death, while muttering that they're just fine

  3. Oh dear - you'd have thought that they would have warned you that this could happen when he first went to hospital - hope you have a rest and a better night tonight and that the antibiotics start to help xxx

    1. They would save the NHS an absolute fortune if they warned people that these things can happen.