Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Altered jigsaw puzzle

Well Tony was called out through the night and so has been in bed all day. Tragically this has meant that I couldn't house work and had to stay in Le Crafterie playing with all my stash today.  Can you tell how gutted I am  ;-) Anyway, here are todays makes although they do need a final trim and a tweak but I reckon that this had endless scope to play with.



  1. These look terrific and could be used on so many projects. I'm thinking gift tags, cards,gift bags and boxes. Thank you for the inspiration. Lainie xx

  2. What a shame about the housework lol ;-)
    How can you work on such a tiny scale! My eyes wouldn't manage it :-# Great ideas though :-)

  3. They look fantastic. Don't know how you managed to have a day without chores:) !!!!!!!xxx

    1. It was hard Anona..... really really hard :-)