Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Friday, 9 January 2015

What to do today.

The dreaded lurgy has really laid me low this time. I am fighting for breath half the time and coughing up a lung the rest of the time. Hasn't stopped me making stuff though has it?.... I reckon that if I am going to pop my clogs at any moment then I may just as well be busy doing something that I enjoy as curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for  myself.  Besides which the blazing temperature is keeping me nice and warm  and if you have ever been into my unheated kitchen that is a distinct advantage. Anyway,  the question is 'what do I do today'.  I have a couple of hours of housework planned and then the rest of the day is all mine to make whatever the heck I want. Do I sew, bead or make paper flowers?  Should I paint, knit or crochet?  Perhaps a spot of basket weaving might be a nice way to fill the day.... I do have a pile of newspapers that my lovely neighbour Joan brought me the other day.  They make great material for lighting the fire but Tony has been bringing a paper home every day as one of the lorry drivers passes it on to him when he has finished it.  There really is only so much paper that one needs to light a fire and the pile is now starting to grow.  There.... see how you helped me decide..... I reckon a basket making session is on the cards this morning once I have cleaned up.   One of these days I plan to weave a full size deer from newspaper...... one day.......  I have to get out of bed first though and today isn't going to be the 'deer making day'.

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