Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 19 January 2015

We have snow

Yesterday it started to snow and typically we had decided that it would be 'log chopping day'. We had a smallish ... so I thought... pile of logs at the bottom of the garden which needed moving up to the garage where the big 'log chopping' would commence.  It didn't take long but I discovered that the pile of logs looked a lot bigger when stacked on the drive. Anyway, we are now well stocked with a great wood pile which will see us through a few cold days.  It is amazing just how much wood the wood stove actually eats.
 It was quite nice working in the snow as it fell.  It was those big fluffy floaty flakes... proper 'snowman snow'......  None of that stuff that looks like polystyrene pellets. Anyway, I took this yesterday through the kitchen window but we got even more later on.  I was wondering when we would get a covering and now I wonder how long it will stick around

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