Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Thursday, 8 January 2015

More pop tabs

LOOK..... no I mean really look..... I was given a load more poptabs yesterday. They will come in really handy as I have a particular bag that I want to make and although it looks like a lot of poptabs, the bag will use these and plenty more from my stash. You can also see a little foil pie dish in the picture and that was turned into a silver leaf and has been added to my pile of leaves...They will be put on the tree as soon as the needles have dropped off it.  This darn bug is still lingering and it is making me feel really miserable.  I need some sun on my face to cheer me up but it is way too cold to sit in the garden just yet even though it was nice and bright this morning.  Speaking of this morning I made another batch of buttons and they are getting better and better. I will take a few photos and post them another day

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