Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Free range no more

We popped out this morning to collect our usual tray of 'free range' eggs and discovered a shiny new  sign saying 'Fresh Farm Eggs'.  Now does this mean that the poor little chucks are now penned up in tiny little cages or are they battling for a square foot of space in a huge barn? I am hoping that it is simply a  matter of being too cold to go outdoors and so they can hardly be called free range. We will give them the benefit of the doubt but will start looking around for another supplier of free range eggs as I would rather give up eating eggs altogether than eat the product of something housed in a space too small to turn around in.  When Tony and I make  the final move to 'the house we will spend the rest of our lives in' we plan to buy a few bantams.  Kind of 'pets with perks' so to speak. We have been eyeballing some really pretty ones at the local country fair these past few years and have seen a few that could come live with us in comfort and free ranging space.


  1. I agree about free range. Could you ask to see the chickens?

    1. It isn't really a feasible option Alison. The eggs for sale are placed in a small shed just inside the farm gate and there is an 'honesty box' system of payment. We have seen the chickens roaming free in a huge field in the spring and summer but this is a new sign so we are wondering if they are no longer keeping free range hens

  2. HA! When I read this I chucked to myself. We live on about 25 acres in eastern MO. I've always loved chicken since I was a little girl. A few years ago, our kids talked my husband into buying me several chicks for Mother's Day. We had mostly hens (the rooster met his demise rather quickly.) I tried to keep them in a penned area behind our woodworking shop, under the cover of trees as our neighbors had trouble with hawks and other predators. Those 'ladies' had other plans. We couldn't keep them penned up during the day for anything. They foraged everywhere and even spent hot summer afternoons resting with our border collies (on THEIR beds) in our garage! Evenings were spent in the dog kennel we had repurposed for them, complete with roosts. They even laid their eggs on a garage shelf near the back door...talk about convenient!! Oh, I loved those ladies!! They have been gone over a year now and am planning to get some more this summer. I hope you get to experience the joy of 'hen ownership' soon, too! They have loads of personality - you just have to have a sense of humor!!! Love your blog...I'm a new follower!

  3. chickens are such sweet and fun little pets! you would love them cherie! =)
    california just had this law effective this year- no caged chicken eggs! we sooo love cali!! =)