Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Wrapped chocolate bars

Well Mr Christmas went off to the football match in Manchester yesterday so I spent most of the day making cards.  Why oh why when my house is immaculate does no one visit?  I had cutters and card, papers and glue all over the kitchen yesterday when my former  neighbour called in with her grand daughter to bring a card for us.  Our Christmas Cookie Jar (snowman of course) is filled with little chocolate bars and all the kids get to have a dip in the jar so I did of course have to invite little Jessie to help herself.  Heaven know what they thought of the mess. Anyway, this morning I went downstairs to collect my scissors and tape to wrap my friend's parcel when I was waylaid by some snips and scraps of pretty wrapping paper. All of the pieces were far too small to wrap anything and had been added to my craft stash.  I digress (as usual). I am getting around to saying that I made wrappers for some chocolate bars and here they are. I had only intended to make one each for our Christmas stockings (I will tell you about that in a minute) but ended up making ten.  When my friends come for dinner at the weekend they can each take one home for a little treat.  Anyway..... let me tell you about the stockings (grab a cuppa cos this might take a while)  Last week I went out for a Christmas meal with the Friends Group from the local library.  One of the ladies happened to mention that each year she and her husband choose a theme for their Christmas stockings. It could be a letter of the alphabet or a colour (you get the picture)? She explained about some of the themes that they had chosen over past years and the things that related to the chosen theme.  The entire stocking was not allowed to add up to more than £10 and it sounded really good fun as a project sooooooooooo..........  I have decided that I will fill our stockings with items starting with a C.....  That is where the chocolate bars comes in.  The presents can be as daft or as tacky as you want if you fancy giving it a go.  I already have candles, chalk and crayons for my stockings.  I would welcome any suggestions for cheap gift ideas for the stocking.......... don't forget they have to start with a C

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