Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas 2015

We are starting to feel festive here in Kemp Castle.  The trees and decorations came down from the loft last night. Now begins the mammoth task of putting them all up.   When I met Tony all those years ago he didn't even possess a tree. He 'didn't do Christmas'........ he does now..... BIG STYLE.  It kind of started when I bought him a tree and some decs. He picked me up from my evening class and brought me here ( we each had our own place back then).  He had decorated the tree and switched on the tree lights so it would look festive....  We now have three big trees and several small ones. He even has a little tree and decs to put up in the cabin at work.  We have enough  swags and tinsel for four houses and even then they would be stretched to find somewhere to put them all.  Over the years we have added to the huge stock of decorations and have it down to a fine art now.  Each room has a box full of decorations for that particular tree.  Last year we bought what has probably turned out to be one of the most useful things we could have found.  'Christmas tree bags'.  Gone are the cardboard boxes that have been held together with enough sellotape to wrap a gazillion parcels...  No more struggling to fit the trees back in the boxes and wrapping the box with yet more tape.  Nope' we just unzip the bags and lift out the trees.  Unfortunately I am going out for a long walk this morning and am off to my craft club this evening so am unlikely to get much done today.  I will share some photo's once it is all pretty and the bags and boxes tidied away.

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