Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday already

Welll where did this past week go? I have spent most of it trying to think of new ways to encourage more people to buy at least one fairtrade product each month. It is such a difficult job when I know that people are struggling to pay bills and feed their families. If only everyome could see that a few pemce more once each month on our shopping bills makes such a difference to the lives of those prople that are producing the things we eat. What a grossly unfair world we live in.
Other than that what else have I been doing? Well for a start I cut all my christmas cards into little pillow shaped gift boxes. I have also been cutting my old milk bottles into birds and making mobiles to hang outside when it is sunny. Hopefully I will manage to put a few new pictures on this blog once I get a few minutes.
Tony and I are having a log burning fire installed next week. We are so looking forward to it and are looking at collecting logs all through the summer so that next winter we will have a toasty warm house for very little cost.


  1. Hi Cherie and happy new year. Sorry your funding is finite :(
    How do you make the cards into boxes? I have a stack of cards waiting for something inspiring to happen to them!

  2. Found instructions for making gift boxes with old Christmas cards- wonderful! Thanks for the idea