Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

A potential project

This would be lovely in my craft room...


A couple of projects

Yesterday while Tony and I popped out to buy some goldfish we spotted a chandelier at the end of my neighbours drive. It had been put out for the local rag and bone man.  Tony suggested that I just take it as they obviously don't want it.  I didn't of course, I walked down the drive and asked my neighbour if I could have it.... Then she asked if I could find use for two glass lamps that she was throwing out....  What do you think I said?    I am seeing gazing balls,  glass angel Christmas Tree decs and a garden chandelier.  Well I would wouldn't I. I was delighted to find that the 'crystals' on the chandelier are cut glass and not acrylic.   I might keep one of the bigger 'crystals' and make myself a nice necklace.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Spitting otter and a free goldfish

Naughty Mr Heron had  snaffled all but one of our goldfish.  We were considering leaving the pond to become a wildlife pond as we have frogs and newts in there but we felt sorry for the remaining fishy.  Off we went to the garden centre and bought five new fish. When we got home we discovered that we had been given six....    :-)  Then we set to and rejigged the pond and surrounding area.  Hopefully Mr Heron won't be able to get to the fish now... hopefully.... The spitting otter is solar powered and spits intermittently so anyone walking past will get a bit of a surprise if they aren't expecting it..

You can see the difference in size of the fish. The big one is our remaining fishy

Sunday, 18 June 2017

It's awfully hot here.

Tony and I have enjoyed not one but two Ceilidhs this weekend and I thought I would sleep like a log last night.  Unfortunately insomnia is keeping me awake lately and yesterday was no exception. I think the heat isn't helping. Thankfully we managed to find a big electric fan in Tesco today after we had lunch with Alexander and Hannah. When we left they went off to the local park where Alexander had scattered his dads ashes nearly two years ago.  It was a really emotional moment for him as he was allowed to drive his dad's favourite train on the model railway. His dad would be so proud of the lovely young man that he has become. 

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Tony and I have had great fun these past couple of days.  We are total Ceilidh addicts and get up for every dance. Both last night and tonight we have danced our little socks off.  If anyone knows of any upcoming Ceilidhs please let me know where.  We don't mind booking an overnight stay somewhere if it is a good ceilidh.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The memory quilt

It is only lap size as it is going to New Zealand and needed to weigh as little possible. I wanted to make sure that a couple of the ties were obviously ties in order that my friends daughter might imagine her dad wearing them.  I hope it brings her some comfort. In truth it was an absolute nightmare to make as the ties shifted and stretched while I was trying to sew them.  The quilt back is made from a couple of shirts that I cut up andpieced back together.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Shirts and ties..

My house looks like a gentlemans outfitters at the moment.  My friend Tripta brought me a huge bag of her late husbands shirts and ties so that I can make her a proper 'lap quilt'.... I am chuffed to bits to be able to do it for her and hope it will bring some comfort to her daughter who is really struggling after losing her dad.  The quilt has to go to NewZealand so I need tokeep it fairly small and as lightweight as possible. Guess how I will be spending my free time this coming month.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Not diet food :-)

This is definitely not diet food... strawberries fresh from my garden served on a meringue and smothered in cream. My one concession is that the cream is the aerosol variety.... mostly air...... or so I am telling myself.  We earned a treat tonight as we have spent most of the day gardening.  The flower borders are now 18'' wider and we shovelled tons of gravel. We spent a small fortune on yet more plants yesterday but oh wow are they gorgeous.  I have told Tony that we really have no more room for plants and we are forbidden from buying any more.... yeah right.... :-)  I see another gravel shifting session in the pipeline as we make the borders even wider. I think when we move house we will need a small field rather than a garden.  In the meantime, we are considering getting hold of some kitchen cabinets and turning half the garage into a crafting space... Le Crafterie takes up a huge space in the garden... space that we can use for plants..... watch this space.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Beautiful North Yorkshire

Tony and I had a run out for our usual fish and chips last night. We drove over to Thirsk and came home via Helmsley... I think you wouldn't believe how stunning it is where I live and the thought of ever living in a town fills me with absolute horror.  This stunning scenery is less than five minutes drive from my house.

The quilt

Yesterday my friend Tripta asked me if I can possiby make something from her late husbands old ties.  She doesn't want a full size quilt which is a bit of a shame as I would love to have made one for her. We decided on a cushion cover so watch this space.  I washed them yesterday and spent a couple of hours last night unpicking them.  Some are pure silk and some are polyester so I might make two totally diferent items..... my brain is whirring at the possibilities